Manage stress

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Manage your stress levels in new ways and open your mind to “Mindfulness” & “Coping with me”.

Workshops to reduce stress for clients

Workshops start on 27 and 30 June 2014 at the Basement Project.
Contact Barb & Lisa if you are interested on 01527 832993

Mindful Me
Friday 27 June, 1pm-2.30pm
Come and try mindfulness in this workshop. This group workshop will give a basic introduction to the ‘mindful’ tools and exercises you can use to manage feelings of stress and anxiety.

Coping with Me
Monday 30 June, 10am-1pm
This workshop will look at mental health and wellbeing, aiming to give you the knowledge and tools to recognise and manage your own mental health and emotional wellbeing.

See all our workshops in July-August.

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