Supermarket food collections

Posted by on Sunday, 16th March 2014 at 6:09pm Comments: 4

If you can help us to keep our food collections going, we have three dates when we have permission to do supermarket food collections:

2 May 2014 at Morrisons, Bromsgrove
27 June 2014 at Asda, Bromsgrove
14 November 2014 at Asda, Bromsgrove

If you can help, please email to say which date and what time (and for how long) you can volunteer to help.

The task involves standing outside the supermarket to collect donations of tins and dry goods from members of the public, so we set up a rota for the day. We hand out leaflets and tell people about the Basement Project before they do their shop and, on leaving the store, we collect what donors would like to give us.

4 Responses to “Supermarket food collections”

  1. Katie Wilson says:
    16/03/20149:29 pm

    Hello I would like to volunteer for Friday 2nd May to help outside Morrisons I am available from 3pm onwards I hope this helps.

  2. Lindsay Peniston says:
    16/03/201410:04 pm

    Thanks, Katie. That’s great. One of the staff will be in touch with you nearer the time.

  3. Donnah Morgan says:
    17/03/201410:21 am

    Hi folks, I’m with you at Hanover St on Friday 2nd, do you want me to do 2-4 down at Morrisons or am I more useful at back at Base? Dx

    • Lindsay Peniston says:
      17/03/20145:04 pm

      Thanks Donnah. Someone from the Drop-In will be in touch to answer your question!

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