Basement Project Newsletters

Basement Project Newsletters

We produce and distribute a periodical single sheet newsletter. You can view the current newsletter by clicking on the link below. You are welcome to print it if required and please feel to pass this on to anyone else you know who may be interested.

Newsletters available (click on link):

No.1 (October 2011)

No.2 (March 2012)

No.3 (October 2012)

No.4 (February 2013)

No.5 (April/May 2013)

No.6 (June-July 2013)

No.7 (Aug-Sept 2013)

No.8 (Oct-Nov 2013)

No.9 (Dec 2013-January 2014)

No.10 (Feb-Mar 2014)

No.11 (Apr-May 2014)

No.12 (Summer 2014)

No.13 (Autumn 2014)

No.14 (Winter 2014-15)

No.15 (Spring 2015)

No.16 (Summer 2015)

No.17 (Autumn 2015)

No.18 (Winter 2105-16)

No.19 (Spring 2016)

No.20 (Summer 2016)

No.21 (Autumn 2016)

No.22 (Winter 2016-17)

No.23 (Spring 2017)

No.24 (Summer 2017)

No.25 current ( Autumn 2017)